Set Yourself Apart From Other Fitness Industry Professionals – Guarantee Your Services

One thing that strikes fear in the heart of your average personal trainer or any small business owner is the concept of guaranteeing your services. And what I mean is being able to guarantee the quality of the services you provide to your clients. There is an old saying in the sales industry, If you can’t guarantee what you sell, then you shouldn’t be selling it. That is such a true statement. If you can’t guarantee your clients total and complete satisfaction with your services, then you shouldn’t be providing the services in the first place.

One way to set yourself apart from other personal trainers or fitness studios is to guarantee your clients complete satisfaction with your training or gym for a short period of time. For instance, you offer all new clients a 2 week trial with a money back guarantee that if they are not completely satisfied with your training in the first 2 weeks, you will refund their money. If they don’t believe it’s the best money they could have spent, you’ll refund whatever they paid, no questions asked, with the check written the next day.

Now I realize that most of you may be afraid that every client is going to ask for their money back, but that’s never the case. The action of guaranteeing your services allows for an instant trust to be developed between your new client and you. Also from your client’s perspective, the guarantee takes out any concerns or fears that they may have about your service, and makes the buying of your services a lot easier for them.

As the owner of a fitness business, guaranteeing the quality of your services gives you a certain confidence that radiates from your core. In my chiropractic office, I would always give new patients a 2 week guarantee for the quality of my service, and if they didn’t feel that it was the best money that they could spend, I would refund whatever money they spent in those 2 weeks. I wouldn’t guarantee that I could fix them, just that they would love the quality of my service.

Guaranteeing your services also pushes you to be the best. It inspires you to deliver the highest quality of service and to constantly improve upon what you do. So many businesses don’t guarantee their services because they have become stale in what they do, and the services they deliver. They always want to keep doing the same thing, and never change or improve upon their services.

With a quality or satisfaction guarantee, you instantly set yourself apart from your competition, and instantly increase your client satisfaction.